Monday, July 9, 2007


Eric and I are leaving soon for a solo venture, which means Raina will stay at home with Samantha for the week. We've discussed the trip with her, and Raina repeats what we've said, but I doubt she understands. Our last conversation ended with her saying either "fun" or "fine" -- a classic child statement to get a parent to stop talking.

The last time that a parent was away for a while was Eric's Bangkok trip. He was gone for five days and I learned many things then. The most notable revelation for me is that single parenting is HARD and I don't want to experience it often. Raina enjoyed all of the mommy and me time for a few days and then it hit her. Where is Daddy? She looked all over the house for him and then confronted me: "Where is Daddy?!?" She got more and more emotional and cried lots when I told her that Daddy was gone for a while. She then searched throughout the house until she found a picture of her and Eric together, and she carried that picture around with her for the next two days. It stayed in her bed at night and she toted it around the house during the day. She was overjoyed when Eric finally returned.

Needless to say, I'm worried how she'll respond to BOTH parents' absences for multiple days. It will be heart-wrenching or fine or some combination of the two. I wish Sam the best of luck.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Watermelons :)

Raina devoured multiple pieces of watermelon this week, and the pictures are a riot.
Here Raina looks like a hobbit.

Believe it or not, this is a "smile."

Summer stories

Raina pretend-experiences all sorts of things nowadays. She frequently discovers roly-polies and ants in the house, which come in a a variety of colors: brown, blue, yellow, red, and orange. She's very excited when other people see them too. In addition, we pretend-take trips to amazing places like the Y and the playground. (This mostly consists of our walking around in circles in the living room until Raina declares we're at our destination.) She makes us oatmeal multiple times a week, and has hosted a tea party or two as well. She's quite imaginative and her current favorite book is about a boy who pretends he has a blue dog. It's wonderfully refreshing to see someone using an imagination again.

Raina celebrated multiple times this week: a birthday and engagement party, and a birthday and baby shower party. She sings "Happy Birthday" -- mostly -- but was too embarassed to serenade the actual birthday boy and girl with her lovely, high pitched and off-tune singing voice. She was an absolute delight in the car, though, and I think she handled nine hours in the car better than the adults did. Of course, she spent her whole time eating. In the first two hours, she consumed three pieces of turkey, one peanut butter sandwich, one container of raisins, half a container of cereal, and half a bag of pretzels. I feel like we're reciting the Hungry Little Caterpillar!

Each afternoon, mommy and Raina pick up Eric from work. This seemingly banal endeavor is quite exciting for Raina, and she squeals in anticipation each time we leave the house. She sings to herself in the car on the way there, and as soon as we park the car, she asks for Daddy's sunglasses. You see, Raina's responsibility is to greet Eric with his sunglasses (and a beaming smile) as soon as he arrives to the car. This is a responsibility she claimed and she takes it very seriously; the little miss is quite ambitious :)