Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Raina gets sick

Eric jokingly noted while at the City Museum that Raina was destined to get sick since she was chewing on her shirt sleeve all day, there was no telling what kind of icky diseases she was ingesting. Sure enough monday night Raina had a fever of 104.5. That night she woke up in the middle of the night and called out to a parent. Hugs were provided and she was tucked back in. But 20 minutes later Raina started having a coughing fit. Finally her dad got up and fetched her a cup of water. When he went to pick up Raina she was shivering and was barely able to mutter the word "jacket". We bundled her up and cuddled with her for 20 minutes or so before she finally stopped shivering. Poor girl. She had probably been shivering during her coughing fit as well but she is a good girl and didn't complain. So she stayed home with her mommy on tuesday and slept on top of her mommy for the first time in many months. On wednesday dad stayed home and built her a pillow fort which has been a common activity as of late.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Whomptons go to the City Museum

In hopes of avoiding the endless crowds that constantly flock (and with good cause) to the City Museum, we took advantage of a day off that Krystal had to go to the City Museum this past friday. Raina last visited when she was a year and a half old. She seemed to have a lot of fun, but she really couldn't DO anything other then be encouraged to crawl places under heavy guard. With Raina's recent interest in climbing at the playground we had hopes for a much more active experience. Raina's initial reaction was being absolutely overwhelmed, although to be fair it's a pretty wierd place to try to wrap your head around, and while it was less crowded than normal, it was predominantly populated by extremely energetic teenagers on field trips who were bounding around the place flinging themselves down the many slides, pelting each other in the ball pits, and were generally impatient at the pace that we and Raina were interested in. Raina cautiously and apprehensively was ushered through the main floor of metal and wooden obstacles. She was not very interested in ambitious climbing, and was quite timid whenever you could "see through the floor". It would seem since our last visit Raina gained a healthy concern for her own well being and safety, which is quite frankly not very handy at the city museum where you can crawl through a metal mesh tunnel 6 stories up. So we scaled back our expectations and offered some simpler and seemingly more safe options of climbing up a turtle and through some somewhat familiar plastic tubing. Raina liked the fish tank and playing with the boats in the water. We had some success in the enchanted caves where we were able to convince her to do some adventurous crawling. We watched a magic show with a magician that believed a little too much in abusing the crowd, including a poor german girl that essentially broke down in tears. We took a break for lunch and then came back and tackled the outdoor part of the facility MonstroCity. We opted for an easy win and dropped Raina in the ball pit where she played happily for quite a while. The rest of our time mostly consisted of touring the many many many slides. Raina also roasted her first marshmellow.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pictures of the Little Miss

Because we lost yahoo photos and because I don't know the flickr password, I'm going to use the blog to post pictures of the miss. Here are some recent cute ones.Raina has upgraded to a 24 crayon set. She frequently sorts them into their appropriate shade groupings, and then "makes a rainbow" with all 24. She's intently examining the oranges here.

You cannot see it, but her mouth is completely filled with carrot.

Krystal's school had Spirit Week, which required dressing up in a different theme each day. Krystal and Sammy had a blast designing the costumes, and Raina wanted to play dress up too. This photo is from the costumes-designing day. Unfortunately, we don't have any shots of what Raina wore to daycare each day that week. Needless to say, if Mommy was wearing some crazy outfit, then Raina was wearing something just like it. We got a lot of funny looks.
p.s. Raina is dancing to big band swing. Or, as she says, "more music, Mommy, jazz music!"

Drawing, Singing, and Zoo-ing

Raina the artist frequently smushes play-doh and draws pictures with crayons and pencils. Her greatest achievement was that she could draw circles. She was so impressed that she could draw something that another human being recognized without being told. (Admittedly, her parents were pretty excited too.) But after a week or so of circles, we realized that she could do more. She put circles together, and drew her very first picture of a person this week. She was SO PROUD of herself and of her picture. We made a huge deal out of it, and took pictures of her and her sketches. Here she is, preening and proud.

Raina no longer requires a long cuddling process before bed. In fact, she has no desire to cuddle with a parent at all in the traditional format. Instead, she gets in the cuddle chair, pats the seat for the adult to sit, and then hugs the adult from behind. Then she shoves the adult up and says "bedtime." She rarely goes straight to sleep: she'll kick her feet or chatter to her stuffed animals or flop around. Occasionally she sings to herself. Loudly. During the morning news, there is a kids-oriented commercial promoting good oral hygiene that has a "brushing and flossing teeth" song. Raina knows it and sings it at high volumes when in her bed. Logically, she'd want to sing this before or during the brushing teeth phase of bedtime, but it doesn't occur to her then. Or it's just difficult to sing with a toothbrush in her mouth.

Raina has progressed past her choo-choo train toothpaste (toddler safe) to the Cars toothpaste (big girl, ages 2-6). She's always swallowed the train toothpaste -- I think it tasted like candy because she just wanted to eat it. But with the Cars toothpaste she actually has to spit it out. And they made it taste like candy again! She was so confused! But we've practiced spitting a lot, and she's slowly getting the hang of it. Now something actually comes out of her mouth when she tries and Raina will walk into a bathroom and say "want to spit!" as opposed to "want to brush teeth." It's amazing all the things that you have to teach a person.

Raina kept the same diaper dry for over 24 hours this weekend. She slept all night without wetting herself AND she pooped in the potty today. Going all night is rather impressive. The poor little diaper was rather shabby by the time it was replaced this evening.

We had a full agenda for the weekend, which included going to the zoo, making a pillow fort, going to the Y, playing football, a birthday party, and carving pumpkins. (Raina wanted to go swimming too, but it just didn't happen.) The penguin/puffin exhibit is still Raina's favorite, although the whole savannah series was a close second. Raina walked a significant part of the zoo, which definitely was a first, and the little miss ran up a big hill to get closer to the giraffes! And the tiger and the lion and the zebra and the okapi, well, Raina loved those too. Of all the animals we saw, Raina was totally unnerved by -- you guessed it -- snails. I'm not certain what about them was so unsettling, but she would have nothing to do with them and she wanted to move away from their tank as quickly as she could.

The pillow fort was rather spectacular; Eric turned the entire downstairs into a 2-feet high wonderland. Raina loved playing "get you" in the fort and then destroying all of Eric's efforts with a few key strokes. Football was a blast for the Whompton adults and Raina seemed rather happy during the whole session today. At one point, she tried to get up and play football too. The play-doh sidetracked her.

Raina can read/recite another book, which is very cute. She won't read these books by herself; she definitely wants an adult on hand to congratulate her at each page. We are so proud of her.