Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yay for mornings!

I'm just so excited that blogger added an easy way to upload videos! So much of Raina's effervescence is lost in still shots, and is oh-so-accurately captured in video. Anyway. Before school one day, Raina decided to drag out her alphabet pal, which plays music, and then dance and run around like a crazed lunatic. (Raina frequently runs laps around the house for fun. Each time she proclaims "I'm running!!!" It's very cute.)

So here is Raina at her early morning best.


Samantha went back to Kentucky for a weekend, and the Whomptons returned back to the original number of three. That didn't stop us from playing. We went to the big kids playground, the butterfly house, and the museum of transportation. We saw SO MANY trains and it was VERY cool! As Raina said, "this is a Raina sized train!"
Train wheels vary greatly in size. Normal freight cars have very small wheels, but engines have HUGE wheels, as seen here.
Just waiting at the train depot and then ringing the train's bell.

Spring Photos

It's been quite a while since we updated the Raina blog. Admittedly, Krystal has tried twice since then, but each time blogger deleted the post and it has not been worth our while to recreate it. Spring brings far too many other fun things to do besides sit in front of a computer!!!

Here's a visual recapping of the end of March:

Raina fell asleep on Eric -- something that rarely if ever happens anymore because 1) Raina does not nap and 2) Raina certainly doesn't nap on a parent! But we were watching Ratouille, a remarkably boring film, and it put Raina straight to sleep. This is how grumpy she looks when waking up.
Raina always supervises any cooking job in the kitchen. Just yesterday she helped wash the spinach and snap asparagus. Here she's scrubbing potatoes to make them bright and shiny.
This is how Raina looks when she desperately wants to nap but people keep telling her no.
Raina's daycare had a "spring party" (really an Easter party) with lots of eggs, balloons, and sugary snacks. Raina had her 1st, and then 2nd and 3rd, peep on that day. Thankfully she passed up the cupcakes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Raina turns three years old in 7 days -- that's right, 7 days. And she knows that, as soon as she turns 3, then it's time to go to the beach. The only problem is that our beach trip is scheduled for late July / early August, so ..... When we go to Chicago for Krystal's 30th birthday, we're going to stop off at Lake Michigan's "beach" for Raina's birthday too. And we're going to take a train to get there. She's ready. =)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby Cow

As you know, Raina's best friend is her cow. She greets it immediately and loves on it continuously. Krystal had the brilliant idea of bringing home a very small squishy cow, which quickly lost its legs and ears and developed a significant hole in its midsection. The baby cow wasn't going to last very long, so we upgraded to a stuffed baby cow. Raina loves the baby cow -- not as much as the mommy cow, but close -- and she frequently has the mommy cow hug the baby cow and they tell each other stories.
Raina introduces the baby cow to the mommy cow in this video: