Monday, February 16, 2009

Raina and Revathi

The Whomptons play board games a lot, and we are eager to have anyone over who will play games with us. Usually that means we bribe said individuals with dinner, we put Raina to bed, and then the adults stay up all night playing. A few months ago, we tried this with Mini, Manoj, and Revathi. Unfortunately, the evening was an unmitigated disaster, because Raina and Revathi did not get along at all. Or, more accurately, Raina showed a completely selfish "this is mine and you cannot play with it!" mentality that escalated as the evening wore on. It was disgusting and awful and we've feared inviting them over again (although this doesn't happen at all when we go to their house).

We finally risked a second attempt this weekend. We prepped Raina, like always, and she assured us she would "be nice to her." Playtime was fine, dinner was fine, and Raina went to bed fine. We had a completely successful evening, and I have no idea what made this one different from the previous. But it certainly gives us hope for the future, especially because we had Revathi go to sleep at our house so her parents could stay even longer. (Playing Battlestar Galatica takes a very long time!) It was brilliant and wonderful and Raina slept in the next morning, which was even better.

When we complimented her the next day on her behavior, she acted like it was no big deal.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our cuddle bug

Raina has an assortment of nicknames, and she loves them all. But, if you ask her, her favorite is "Cuddle Bug." And she is a little cuddle bug. Our fiercely strong and independent little miss loves being loved, and her day is never right unless she gets an appropriate amount of cuddling in. She begins each day cuddling with Eric on the couch while watching the news. (She comments on Barack Obama daily, and immediately closes her eyes when the Maury Povitch TV show ads come on.) Driving home from daycare, about five minutes from home, she'll state, "I miss Momma Cow" and then her first priority at home is to cuddle and reconnect with Momma Cow for a while. She spends a goodly amount of time cuddled up in an adult lap, reading books and telling stories about her day, and she is never happier then when she's all tucked up with a parent under a blanket.

Yesterday, Raina was sitting in my lap and we were talking. She told me that she preferred "stay at home" days versus "go to school" days because she got to spend more time cuddling. I thought that was sweet, and merited a little more hugging. Then she turned to me and asked to do quiet time together. By that, she meant "can I fall asleep here in your lap with your hugging me?" She happily went to sleep and napped in my lap for the next two hours.

All the Whompton adults agree: cuddling with Raina during the winter is a wonderful thing, as she is quite a furnace in our cold, cold house. We'll see if she still wants to cuddle this much when July rolls around again!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Raina loves her daddy

It was almost bedtime tonight. Raina was sitting next to me as we waited for it to be bedtime. She had been quiet for the past few minutes. Then she said "Daddy, I want to be with you always" she paused, and then said "While I was at day care today I missed you a lot".

Every so often Raina goes out of her way to show how much she loves you, completely unprompted. It is a wonderful thing.