Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Highlights of September and early October

Sleepy baby ... She frequently will fall asleep and smoosh her face into whatever she can, usually a beloved adult.
Lola, Raina, and Daddy roughhouse and pillow fight each night. Here they are trampling Eric.

Yes, Raina is holding an ear of corn with just her mouth. She was really excited that she could do it.
And Lola's response to spaghetti squash:
Lola looks like a court jester here. Yes, we regularly dress her in conflicting solids, stripes, polka dots, and random winter hats.
Raina dons the tiger mask and turns into a very graceful and lithe tiger. Her body movements as a cat are quite impressive.
We uncovered more battery-operated toys from Raina's younger days. Lola was happy to have new toys, but was even happier that Raina would play with them and her. It was a loud afternoon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lola: Month Seven

Lola has changed dramatically in the past month: she crawls and semi-chases people she wants, pulls herself up to standing when next to a couch or chair, eats copious amounts of adult food, babbles "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" when she wants something, actively enjoys the daily pillow fighting ritual, plays little games with other people (she'll roll balls to individuals, or tickle their toes), continuously tries to access and play with the older people's toys (Raina's cow, all of the board games), licks the dog at any opportunity, and laughs hysterically when someone else laughs at her. She now has eight teeth and weighs in at the 58th percentile, woohoo! Eliminating breast milk from her diet immediately caused her weight to skyrocket, and she's very plump and jolly, just like a baby should be.

Some things stay the same: Lola constantly bites people. It's her favorite activity and has caused a continuous refrain of "OW! Lola, NO BITES!" in the house. What's especially frustrating is the crawling coupled with the biting, because she'll stalk her victim and pounce on an ankle or leg. On the sweeter side, Lola is still completely and utterly smitten with her sister and just lights up with joy when Raina chooses to play with her.

Raina has a reputation ...

Another JK parent stopped me today to say that he and his son were discussing Raina, with the son's specific comment that "Raina is really smart!" I laughed out loud (I mean, who really says that about a 4 year old?!) but the son had offered up as evidence: "Raina knows how to read!"

Well, okay, that's only partially true. Raina has a few books that she has memorized and she LOVES to read those to other people. On a daily basis. Or every hour. Or whenever she can convince someone to sit long enough and listen to her. My guess is that she has tormented her classmates with numerous renditions of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! and she, therefore, has given the mistaken impression that she's a full-fledged reader. She's nowhere close, but I am impressed that she fooled her classmates. I wonder when she'll learn that she can fool her teachers and parents and sibling too ...