Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Week, New Accomplishments

Babies learn and accomplish things so quickly! Lola stands independently for multiple seconds and now is trying her first steps. Stand, step, PLOP, stand, step, PLOP. She's getting better and I'm amazed that my baby girl may be walking soon. She also waves bye-bye and raises her hand up for a high-five. Most impressive, though, is that if she's headed into trouble, we can say "NO, LOLA!" and she stops, turns her head to look at us, and then goes and does something else! Who needs to baby proof when you have a baby who obeys commands? Easy baby = easy parenting duty. We really lucked out.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lola is a Bully, Peace on Earth, and other stories.

Lola is one of the older babies in her room, which means that she's more active and agile than they are. Apparently she uses that to her advantage and frequently crawls over to other babies and takes their toys. I can only imagine that the other babies don't like it, but Lola doesn't seem to care. Earlier this week, the daycare workers brought out a new toy specially for Lola: a crawling tunnel. Lola's response was terror and she refused to go anywhere near it. One of the other babies, Anderson, used that to his advantage. Anderson stationed himself next to the tunnel and whenever Lola made motions toward his toys, Anderson shook the tunnel. Lola backed away fearfully and then went to torment someone else. I like the thought of Lola getting her comeuppance.

The Whompton household gets up early on weekdays. When it's dark out (like it is all winter) the girls don't know when it's morning, so they rely on the sounds. People moving around = time to start the day. On the weekends, though, the adults don't get out of bed until 6 a.m., and we get to listen to the girls entertain themselves in their bedrooms. Raina sings songs to herself, counts in Spanish, and tells stories; Lola babbles, giggles, kicks her bed, and occasionally plays with the crib toys. Eric and I listen to them and marvel at how cute they both are.

Tis the Holiday Season, and so has begun another round of preventing an obsession-with-presents movement in our children. Last year had some hiccups -- most notably, Raina was told by another kid that she must have been bad, because Santa didn't come to her house -- and we're hoping for better success this year. Raina knows that we don't celebrate Christmas, and that's what she says when people ask her. (Luckily 4 year-olds don't ask "Why not?" That will probably come next year.) And she doesn't watch kiddie TV and so she's not exposed to the insane marketing geared toward kids her age. In essence, she doesn't realize that there's a whole commercialized world out there, and we are thrilled about that.

We're not total scrooges, though. The Great Pumpkin comes and leaves Raina a gift in exchange for all her Halloween candy. Last year Raina asked for a pink comforter; this year she asked for play jewelry. I like the thought of ONE GIFT, as opposed to DOZENS. She's already decided what she wants for next year: a flute.

In Raina's class, the students have been studying "Peace on Earth." They painted pictures of the Earth, made their own little people to put on the Earth, and made wishes for peace. Raina said that peace is "my family playing outside" and her wish for the world was for "everyone to see a shooting star." (I think she wants everyone to have a wish.) Luckily, there's a meteor shower THIS WEEK -- everyone, go out, see a shooting star, make a wish, and help Raina bring peace on Earth.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playing games in the Whompton household

Lola has become much more independent now that she can crawl around and find something she is interested in playing with. So suddenly the Whomptons have had time to play board games again! The only trick is that Raina of course also wants to play, but the good news is that she can play multiple games reasonably well. Gulo Gulo and Incan Gold are old news, but now we also play newly acquired Carcassone and Snorta! She can even stumble her way through a Shadows over Camelot game (assuming there is no traitor). But when Raina is distracted, the adults are playing Dominion.

Raina and Lola play together!

The greatest moment of our parenthood has occurred. Raina and Lola played together for about 45 minutes straight recently, both happily giggling the whole time. What were they doing? Not entirely sure, some kind of chasing/toy moving game. Who cares! It was a very productive 45 minutes for the adults.