Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lola's Proud Self

Lola is mastering peg puzzles and she's so proud of herself when she completes one.  Here are some shots of her beaming face and self-congratulatory claps just after she finished the puzzle.

Raina's First Stitches

Raina is completely in charge of her bath.  She can turn the water on and off, wash her hair, wash her body, play for seemingly forever, get out, dry off, and get dressed.  It's wonderful for the adults; we know that as soon as Raina gets in the bath, our supervision of her for the night is over.  Unfortunately, that was not the case on Thursday.

All adults were in the dining room when we heard Raina call out for a parent in her normal voice.  Samantha went in and called out for help in a panicked, something is seriously wrong voice.  I went in to see Samantha holding a bloody towel up to Raina's chin and pronouncing the need for stitches.  She was absolutely right.

It was not easy to convince Raina and she had plenty of ways to stop us.  She was completely naked and wet and dripping blood and (once she realized it was serious) crying uncontrollably.  All she wanted to do was cuddle; all her parents wanted to do was to stop the bleeding.  We got some clothes on her and started mentally and emotionally preparing her for the experience.  We had to convince her that everyone gets hurt, that her injury was serious, that serious injuries went to the doctor, that this injury went to the mini-hospital.  (Within the past two years, Samantha had punctured her foot with a long nail, I had stabbed myself in the wrist with a knife, and Lola had low O2 numbers.  Those merited trips to a bigger hospital.)  Eventually we were on our way to the Urgent Care facility.

Raina was hysterical when her temperature was checked, so we were fearful to imagine what the actual stitches would be like.  They were just as bad as we imagined.  Eric and I tried to explain to Raina what was going to happen, in the hopes that would calm her down.  No luck.  And then they pulled out the "Human Papoose Board," a system of restraints to strap down every part of her body.  Eric and I looked at each other and knew there was no positive spin for that. 

The screaming went to an even higher pitch and she fought it every step of the way. I don't know how many nurses are normally required to put stiches in, but Raina merited three nurses and a parent to keep her down so that the doctor could put in her stitches. The nurses kept offering ice cream and stickers as a bribe to Raina; Raina never responded until well after the procedure was done.  In the end, Raina earned herself four stitches, 12 stickers, and an ice cream cone.  I've already started the advance bribe:  if you're good when you're stitches come out, you can have another ice cream cone!  She seems on board right now, but we'll see what Thursday night brings ...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

When Lola Gets Naughty ...

Lola can be a bad, bad baby.  We often quote Bad Kitty to her:  "She used to be a good [baby] but then ... she decided she would be a bad baby.  And not just any bad baby, a bad, bad, BAD baby!" 

Lola bites and hits indiscriminately.  She used to bite just the adults she loved and then, after she finished teething, all the biting stopped.  Since she switched daycare rooms, though, and she has been bitten by other toddlers, the uncontrolled biting has commenced.  About four out of every five days we receive a daycare report that says Lola either was bitten by or she bit someone else.  Somedays we get both reports! 

She also likes to take off her diaper, which means that she must have an extra protective layer (shorts, skirt, etc.) to limit her access.  Today Lola practiced drinking water from a cup, which meant she soaked her shorts.  I stripped her and left her just in her diaper.  Big mistake.  Lola immediately started stripping off the diaper, so I chased after her, which turned into a fun negative attention game for Lola.  Yuck.  So we put her in a skirt.

Later on I walk into the living room to see Lola perched on top of the dinosaur table with her bare bottom up in the air.  She realized that her skirt DID allow access to her diaper, so she took off the diaper, unstuffed the insert (which was her attempt at being helpful), and then peed on the floor.  Of course, she then climbed on top of the dinosaur table to escape the pool of urine.  She did have the decency to say "uh-oh!" and point to the floor, which was very helpful. 

We immediately went out and bought a whole bunch of skorts.  No more diaper access for Lola! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Water Baby Strikes!

Lola's desire to play with water is insatiable: sprinklers, swimming pools, rain, washing hands, taking baths.  Lola loves them all and she immediately waves bye-bye and runs to the bathroom when she hears the tub faucet start.

Lola always takes her bath first (mostly because Raina plays in the tub for 1+ hours each night) and Lola, understandably, is jealous of all the bath time Raina gets.  It used to be that Raina threw fits when Lola was in the bathroom with her (Lola loves to watch the water come in, and that bothered Raina for some reason) but Raina has calmed down a lot.  So on this particular night, Raina was in the tub and Lola was supervising.

Eric was in the other room when he heard Raina cry out "Daddy!  Lola's in the bathtub!"  He came in to see Lola, fully clothed and diapered, in the tub.  Multiple curses ensued (as did multiple pictures -- you cannot let this opportunity go to waste).  He extracted her, stripped her down, and then cursed again when she peed on the floor.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My kid is already more hip than I am

I was driving Raina home one day and I was flipping through the radio dial. One of the last stations that I check is Y98 FM which is the local pop station which keeps its hip hop + r and b ratio very low but otherwise is standard top 40 stuff. Anyhoo, there is some song on that I've never heard before. Just when the vapid lyrics and repetitive background were causing my face to contort a bit and my hand to reach for the radio dial, my 5 year old daughter suddenly chimes in "I put my hands up, they're playing my song, I know I'm going to be ok. Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh! its a party in the USA!" Fortunately, I found some more room to further contort my face. I asked Raina to explain and apparently she hears it during PE and such. I was similarly mortified when I relayed the incident to my lovely wife and she sings a bit of it as well. Apparently this Miley Cyrus song is quite the thang right now. So yet another sign (as if we needed another) that I am old. My 5 year old is more plugged into the music scene than I am.