Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photo Recapping the Month of June

Lola and Samantha build the tallest tower ever!  This is also the face Lola gives when she hears, "Smile, Lola!"

The little munchkin in her pigtails

Family reading time.  All the Whompton girls are members of the St. Louis County Library summer reading challenge, so we're reading books (and Raina is marking them on the reading logs) all the time.

For some reason, Raina really has started to shy away from the camera.  We have to catch her by surprise!

This red-tailed hawk and its mate built a massive nest in our neighbor's tree.  (Here it's resting on our house.)  We hear their screeching cries daily and Samantha has been lucky enough to see them hunt as a pair.  So cool!  Needless to say, the bunny population of our yard has dropped to zero. 

Mommy and Lola

Daddy, Lola, and her favorite lovey, Kitty. 

Trying for a cute picture of the girls ... and we get a cute picture of the girls, just not the one we intended!

Maybe our kids are just unlucky ...

I am a planner and a plotter.  I want to anticipate every event and have a suitable plan of attack designed for every possibility.  Of course, as parents, we continuously are thrown curve balls but Eric, Samantha, and I have become a great team who rally to the occasion.  And we've had to do that a lot this year due to health reasons: pneumonia, pneumonia again, hand foot and mouth disease, stitches, my breast cancer scare, my skin cancer scare, and, now, Lola's burns.

Eric received a call at work Tuesday from daycare; apparently Lola had blisters on her feet and she was uncomfortable, and they wanted him to come get her and take her to the doctor.  Eric had a mental picture of tiny little bumps that would accompany a virus or something.  The reality was much more staggering.  Lola had second-degree burns across the pads of both feet.

Lola did not understand why she could no longer walk, why she suddenly was in so much pain, and she cried a lot that afternoon and refused to be anywhere but in a parent's arms.  As always, her doctor was great in treating her and trying to reassure us, and we now have a ten-day treatment plan that will make her better.  Lola was in great spirits Wednesday -- totally joyous and laughing.  We reminded her that she could crawl and now she zooms wherever she wants on her hands and knees. 

Day 1:  The blisters that caused daycare to call Eric

Day 1: Bandaged and medicated by the doctor, but Lola refuses to be out of a parent's arms:

Day 2: our 1st attempt at treating her ourselves  (Lola was all smiles except for that 20 minutes period)

Day 2:  Raina, Mama Cow, and Lola racing through the house.  Yes, Lola speed-crawling is keeping pace with Raina semi-running. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lola pees on/in the potty

When I got Lola out of bed this morning, I discovered that she had not wet her diaper. So I swept her off to the toilet and convinced her to stay seated with a toothbrush. (She doesn't care what you do as long as she gets to brush her teeth! There are certainly worse things) Anyway, I was determined to wait her out.

3-4 minutes later, she did it! She peed in the potty! My excited calls to Krystal downstairs convinced her that something horrible had happened. Fortunately, Krystal put her game face on quickly and we made sure to give her lots of positive attention. Hopefully we've laid the foundation for success here. While the cloth diapers have been fantastic, we long for the day that we pass them on.

Lola and "Incident/Injury reports"

Whenever Lola gets injured for some reason at day care, they always write up an "Incident/Injury report". I generally find these to be an entertaining window into the interactions of toddlers. For example I quote from today's:

"child: Lola Compton Date 7-1-10
Incident: Lola was sitting at the table for snack. Friend attempted to take Lola's snack and when Lola went to grab it, friend bit her on the left hand
Further Action taken/Treatment: ice, TLC"

But wait! today's was a double report:

"Incident: Lola and friend both wanted the Elmo chair - friend bit her on the left shoulder."

I actually didn't notice the addendum until I discovered that the bite mark described didn't match the one described on the first part of the note during her bath. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we get the opposite as well:

"Lola bit a classmate. She was provoked." (or sometimes unprovoked)

Gotta love the simple feral reactions going on here.