Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Truths and One Lie

How well do you know the Whomptons?

I went to a party recently where we played the game “Two Truths and A Lie.” Each person gave three facts about herself and then everyone guessed which fact was actually the lie. The party tended toward the outlandish – not really a “get to know you” event – but I thought it was a good idea for the blog. So, each Whompton is listing two truths and one lie about her/himself and you have to guess which ones are the lies.  Good luck!

1. I lost 15 pounds in only three days!
2. I have successfully bench-pressed 265 pounds!
3. I am a musician whose original music is on sale at iTunes.

1. I love getting out in my garden, working the soil, and making things grow. It is one of my favorite things to do.
2. I feel guilty when the heater runs higher than 62 degrees in winter and the air conditioner runs lower than 82 degrees in the summer.
3. I don’t own a cell phone, iPod, or GPS, and I have no intention of getting them.

1. My first car was a Lexus.
2. For pets, I have had birds, a snake, a rabbit, rats, cats, dogs, ferrets, fish, and hamsters.
3. I buy running shoes twice a year because my favorite exercise is running.

1. I have a pet bird.
2. My socks are always the same.
3. I love Mama Cow.

1. My favorite lovey is a stuffed hippopotamus.
2. I see Evan and Nora at school.
3. I can count to 20.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

!Mis ninas hablan espanol!

Raina, Lola, and I are driving on the highway when I hear Lola start shouting something from the backseat. 

Lola:  Anaranjado!  Anaranjado!
KSW:  Lola, are you saying anaranjado?
Lola:  Yeah!
KSW:  Huh.  Raina, what does anaranjado mean?
Raina:  Orange!
Lola:  Anaranjado!  Orange!  And she points frantically to her left where there is a very large orange semi-truck.

Raina spent the rest of the drive teaching Lola a song with all the Spanish and English colors.  Awesome!