Sunday, October 30, 2011

Raina Responses

In computer class, Raina responds to an "I verb" prompt, writes a sentence, and computer illustrates her mini-story.  Some of them have been particularly adorable.  For instance,

I like Lola.  (my personal favorite, it made me cry)
I can help my mom cook.
I wonder when I can do magic.
I pretend to be a dog.

The illustrations are a lot of blue-eyed or green-eyed stick figures wearing triangular shaped dresses, all smiling and often holding hands. 

"I pretend to be a dog" is particularly cute, because 2 year-old Raina pretended to be a dog all the time.  We called her Raina Dog, she had her own collar, and she loved to play fetch with a few chew toys.  We hadn't seen Raina Dog in a long time, but since that posting Raina Dog has reemerged and SHE LIKES TO CLEAN THE HOUSE!  Raina Dog is very obedient and is great to have around. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tooth Fairy Gift List

Raina has experimented with various tooth placements to determine if the item she receives from the Tooth Fairy is dependent on where she leaves the tooth overnight.  So far, when Raina has left the tooth next to her bed a large item has appeared in its place:  recorder and music book, blow-up bouncy balloon, glow-in-the-dark stars and planets (and some other things that I don't remember).  She's placed her tooth under the pillow one time and in that instance she received a dollar.  Raina's working theory is that the Tooth Fairy cannot put a large item under the pillow (because then Raina would wake up) so that only money items go there.

She was eager to test her theory this week because Raina pulled out her own tooth Wednesday morning.  We put it in the requisite baggie, she proudly showed it off to Lola for a while, and she played with the tooth. 

Thursday morning, Raina woke up to discover that the Tooth Fairy had not come because Raina had not put her tooth under the pillow or next to her bed.  Raina was frantic and she spent a considerable amount of time trying to find where she had left her tooth so that the TF could come Thursday night.  She never found it.

As a consolation prize, we said that Daddy would give her some money and, if the tooth turned up, then Daddy would put it under his pillow and get some money.  (Eric's still hoping to get his dollar back.)  Raina was somewhat disappointed in this plan.  First, money from Daddy doesn't have the same allure as money from the TF.  Second, Raina was hopeful that the TF would give her a larger denomination than a dollar.  In fact, I heard her suggest $20 to Eric, who politely scoffed at her and gave her a buck.

Raina, the planner, decided that having a contingency plan would be a good idea.  She grabbed some paper and created a list.  Here it is, misspellings and all.

Things I want for a lost tooth
Big uoonacron pilo pet (big unicorn pillow pet)
lots of muny
a good life

I hope the Tooth Fairy brings her the last one.