Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lola Sleeps, Round Five

Lola has had a disastrous history regarding sleep and it took a sleep specialist and a crib tent to fix her 1.25 years ago.  Because Lola's sleeping patterns fell apart on our last trip, July 2010, the Whompton adults declared a moratorium on Lola travel; we stayed home for Thanksgiving and winter holidays and did not vacation over the summer.  The risk of breaking Lola's sleep was just not worth it.

At some point, though, we have to trust that Lola will be okay in a new environment.  We decided to travel over this winter break, December 2011, to Nashville.  We'll stay with Eric's parents for an extended period of time and hope for the best. 

They have a crib but, honestly, we're petrified at the thought of her sleeping in it.  We imprisioned her in a crib tent because she could climb out at 1.5 years and no one was ready for her to be in a toddler bed.  Lola at 2.75 years-old easily could climb out of the crib and hurt herself or cause mayhem or ....  With Lola, the possibilities are endless.  So we've practiced over the last month, and she's slept on a cot on the floor.  Getting her to go to sleep is a lot harder; she doesn't leave the room, but she does stay up multiple hours reading books and singing to herself.  She also has a night-light requirement and she throws a fit if her nightlight is not working.  (It's hard to read books all night if the lights are out.)

We're leaving for Nashville this weekend, and I'm feeling optimistic about Lola's sleep and our surviving the weekend intact.  Cross your fingers for us!