Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 in review

Experimenting with braids.  Lola is adorable in side braid pigtails!

The Amateurs reunited to honor 20 years of good a cappella fun.  Andrew joined us and endured a continuous barrage of "Will you read me this book?" from the kids. 

Look, the kids are happy and cuddling!  Take a picture, take a picture!

In winter, Whomptons eat beans every day.  Vegetarian chili featured here.

We also hit the Zoo all winter long.  The cold animals are out and playing and we essentially have the place to ourselves.  Glorious.

Everyone sports ponytails! Can you find Eric's?

Oh, Saint Louis weather.  You never disappoint.  This particular hail storm was fascinating and horrifying in equal measure. 


All Whomptons birthdays occur in the first half of the year.  We have pictures of 2 of the 5: honoring Samantha and Lola.