Monday, July 17, 2017

Epic National Park Adventure: Grand Teton Pictures and Stories

Eric, Samantha, and Stephanie (aka Ruby) were the official vacation photographers.  Samantha and Stephanie shared their photos on Facebook here and here and I sincerely hope that those links work because they have beautiful shots of the trip.  Below are selected photographs from Eric's camera, with occasional captioning by me.  (Ruby kept the running log of what we did each day and I don't remember everything so bear with me.)

After driving all the previous day, the Whomptons were overjoyed to be close to nature.  We're at a Wyoming pull-off here, where you could get super close to a river.  It was the first of many gorgeous rivers and pull-offs we would see.  Not photographed:  skipping and singing and the joy of being OUT OF THE CAR!

The Grand Tetons!  When you drive west through Wyoming, the Tetons just pop up into your view and then you drive and drive for hours before actually reaching them.  I think this is the only hike I did without my pack.
Requisite family photo

Bradley Lake or Taggart Lake.  Grand Tetons

Bradley Lake or Taggart Lake.  Grand Tetons

We only did two campfires the entire trip and both were in Yellowstone.  (Rampant mosquitoes, rain, wind, and heat prevented fires on the other nights.)  This one did not include roasting anything; we just enjoyed watching a fire as we waited for night to fall. 

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